Hidden Beauty Series 4 – 6

Hidden Beauty Collection, Book 2

Hidden Beauty Series 4 – 6

The love stories continue…

Love Naturally (A Hidden Beauty Novel #4)

A wedding is a perfect excuse to go home, or is it? Madison has reasons to visit her sister Heather, reasons she’d rather keep private. But horse farrier and former Army officer Trevor Black’s instincts tell him that there’s a bigger story brewing in the life of this investigative reporter.

Is it possible for two strangers to fall in love when darkness inexorably links their pasts?

Love Seasoned (A Hidden Beauty Novel #5)

Denny Ashley lost the love of his life to a brain tumor. He never thought he’d find love again. Then his daughter got married, and he met Gwendolyn Whitaker.

His daughter’s mother-in-law was getting over a horrible relationship, so Denny set out to court Gwendolyn for more than a year.

Lung cancer changed his plans once again — but Denny knew that love seasoned by time could withstand anything.

Love Claimed (A Hidden Beauty Novel #6)

Donda Whitaker felt the earth move under her feet when she came face-to-face with Dr. Jaxson Shepherd — was it only because some idiot plowed into her car?

Too bad she doesn’t trust doctors. Jax isn’t used to people hating him at first sight.

Can Donda’s teenage son help them claim the love they both deserve?

If You Knew Me (A Hidden Beauty Novella #1)

Elijah has been dealing with bullies his whole life. He thought high school might be different. He was right.

On his first day, he’s humiliated in front of a beautiful new student. Now, she wants to team up with him to change the world. What would she think if she really knew him?


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December 8, 2019

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