The Power of Will

William Kordes fixes problems.

Some people called him lucky when he invented one of the most popular phone accessories of all time.

Will knows it’s more than just luck. He’s been working hard to overcome a painful past and succeed since he was a kid. 

Now that he’s made it big, he set out to change the world.He figured he was well on his way with the Heart Wish Foundation and Hallway Innovations, until he met her.

Unlike most women, Mariam Fischer wasn’t impressed by his good looks, charm, or his money.

Worse yet, Mariam doesn’t want his help, insisting she must cope with the devastating effects of fibromyalgia alone.

If he knew what was good for him, Will would walk away. After all, she told him to go.

If Will ever needed to invent a solution to a problem, this would be the one. Funny thing about Will, he never takes the easy way out.

If you love workplace romances with strong, resilient characters and family drama, you’ll love this clean and wholesome romance.

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What Readers Say

“I laughed and cried right along with the characters. I was a first time Mary Crawford reader but this well not be my last.” Amanda on Heart Wish

“Can you give more than 5 stars!! Joy and Tiers has become one of my favorites. You will fall in love with Heather and Ty! This is a realistic couple who you will move you to the core as you follow their journey.” Michelle Storer on Joy and Tiers

“The characters were very relatable and very human in their responses to situations. This author is very good at bringing the reader into the story and identifying with her characters. Jade and Declan were both just normal people, with flaws, who were desperately seeking to find themselves.” Rea on Hearts of Jade

“ I swear each book of Mary Crawford’s gets better and better! Lost love hits all the feels in all the places! Mystery, lil’bit of danger, romance, tears galore, surprise, heart break” Becca on Heart Wish

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