I know like many of you, I was stunned when I heard from Nuance® that Dragon® Professional Individual for Mac was being dropped from their product line. Immediately, my thoughts went to what that means for me and thousands of other users going forward. So, I contacted Nuance® to get further clarification.

This is what I know to be true as of, October 31, 2018. I received this information directly from upper management at Nuance® and was given permission to freely disseminate it.

As long as the customer maintains their unique product serial number, they’ll be able to re-install at any point in time moving forward
–If the user has the product DVD and serial number, they’ll be able to install at any time
–If the user has the product software download (installer) and serial number, they’ll also be able to install at any time
–If a user has misplaced their software download (installer), they can download it again at any time by visiting http://esd.nuance.com/nuance/ and entering their valid serial number
Note: If a user misplaced their product serial number, as long as they have registered it with Nuance in the past then they can contact Nuance Customer Service and ask them to look it up in our registration system
Also, the latest update for DPI for Mac 6 (v6.0.8) can either be downloaded from within the application (by checking for updates), or directly from this Technote: http://nuance.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/26574/