Hidden Beauty Series 1 – 3

Hidden Beauty Collection, Book 1

Hidden Beauty Series 1 – 3

When they fell in love, Jeff and Kiera Whitaker never dreamed their love story would start a legacy that would ripple through the lives of so many of their friends and family.

Until the Stars Fall from the Sky (A Hidden Beauty Novel #1)

Jeff Whitaker thought he had a plan for his life until a redheaded sprite rescued a little boy right under his nose. Kiera Ashley was nothing like he expected, yet she was everything he needed.

Kiera is used to fading into the background. Usually, no one notices the dedicated social worker. But, she’s shocked when the handsome law student decides to stick around when her life becomes incredibly complicated.

So the Heart Can Dance ( A Hidden Beauty Novel #2)

Tara Isamu is happy for her best friend Kiera, but weddings are hard. They remind her a time long ago, before her dad died, when her life was still perfect. So much has changed since then — she doesn’t even feel like the same person.

When meningitis changed his life forever, Aidan O’Brien lost track of his best friend, Tara. He never imagined he would find her while playing the piano at a remote beach house. Can young love survive years of separation and bloom again?

Joy and Tiers (A Hidden Beauty Novel #3)

When your best friend gets married, you inherit all of her husband’s friends. But, do they have to be so cute, huge and in your space all the time? Heather LaBianca can’t figure out whether Jeff’s friend Tyler Colton likes her or wishes she’d disappear off the face of the earth. Either way, she can’t stop thinking about him.

Yet, when a tragedy strikes, Tyler protects Heather in a way no one ever has before. Could it be a case of opposites attract?


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December 8, 2019

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