Many of you who follow me on social media are aware that I use voice recognition software to dictate my books because of my cerebral palsy. What you might not know is that I was one of the early adopters of the technology. I’ve been using voice recognition for thirty years. For several years, people have been asking me to write a book to share my knowledge. Well, I finally did it. The Power of Dictation is scheduled to be released next week.

I know it’s a departure from my usual romantic fare, but I hope many of my friends and fans will find it helpful.

All was going according to plan with this launch – feedback was excellent from my ARC readers, I had done an interesting video call to get the word out, and preorder cells were good.

I should’ve known things were going just a little too smoothly. But in my wildest nightmares, could not have predicted what happened next.

Nuance, the company behind Dragon Professional Individual for Mac has withdrawn it from their product line — mere days before I’m due to release a book singing its praises and informing my readers how I use this product every day.

Needless to say, it’s going to put a wrinkle in everything I do, not just the marketing of my new book. To that end, I’ll be blogging when I have new information about Nuance’s plans going forward.

If you already have Dragon Professional Individual 6.0, there is no need to immediately panic. Make sure that you have it completely updated to 6.0.8. Dragon Professional Individual for Mac has not stopped working. In fact, I’ve been working with it under Mojave for a month now without issue.