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Facebook has an interesting way of reminding us about things we are too busy or too focused to remember about our own lives. It’s like our own little time capsule. We can look back a year or two or five. Today, I was reminded about what was happening one year ago. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s only been a year since I put So the Heart Can Dance into prerelease, but it’s true. A year ago, I released my second novel. It’s been a tough and grueling year with lots of ups and downs, but in retrospect, I’ve accomplished an amazing amount. I’ve had lots of help from lots of really talented people and I want to just say thank you to all of you.


A few days ago, I released my eighth full length novel and my eleventh work overall. I will soon have three novellas available. In addition to Vision of the Heart which is currently part of the Mother’s Day Magic anthology (which benefit the fight against multiple sclerosis) through Amazon, iBooks, Nook and kobo, I will be releasing other novellas.
Port in the Storm Kindle

First up, is my new military themed novella, Port in the Storm. A portion of the profits from Port in the Storm will benefit Bradley Angle, a domestic violence shelter in Portland Oregon and will be featured at Passion in Portland. It is part of an anthology that features many stories from the very talented group of authors who will be present at Passion in Portland to sign your paperback copies and to tell you about their stories. I look forward to seeing you there. For those of you that cannot attend in Portland Oregon in September 2016, copies will be available for pre-release on Amazon on June 1, 2016.
If You Knew Me Kindle

Later this fall, I will be releasing If You Knew Me (and other silent musings), a Young Adult novel as part of an anti-bullying anthology. I’m very excited about this novella. I will be releasing more detail later, but this project is going to be very powerful.

LC Kindle

I am currently working on Love Claimed which is Donda Whitaker’s (Jeff’s sister) story. I won’t lie, it is emotionally wrenching to work on and it is going to be a powerfully moving novel.

Thank you for all of your support as fans, I couldn’t do what I do without it.

Because love matters, differences don’t.