Hidden Hearts Series 7-9

Hidden Hearts Collection, Book 3

Hidden Hearts Series 7-9

Love after betrayal is a special kind of love.

Pieces (Hidden Hearts #7)

Katelyn isn’t sure which is worse — getting shot, getting dumped at the altar, or waking up in a strange man’s bed. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any more challenging, it does.

Personal bodyguard, Logan is just the type of complication Katie doesn’t need. Or does she?

Hearts Set Free (Hidden Hearts #8)

Darya is busy juggling her career as a detective and life as a single mom after her husband was killed by a bomb. An abandoned puppy brings her together with the local veterinarian.

Stuart has been her friend for years, so when did he become everything she didn’t know she needed.

Stuart has lost one adventurous woman in his life, can he afford to fall in love with another woman who flirts with danger every day?

Freedom (Hidden Hearts #9)

Phoenix much prefers animals over people. Yet when he finds an injured dog on the highway, he meets Zoe. She may just change his mind.

Zoe has had it with people too — especially men. Can she set aside her past to find freedom with Phoenix?

The Long Road to Love (Hidden Hearts Novella # 2)

Nancy was trapped in a bad marriage for far too long. She didn’t count on how scary it was to be alone.

After losing the love of his life, Rex had been alone for many years. Yet, there’s something about the fiercely independent Nancy that brings out every protective instinct he has.

Can they move past their painful paths to journey down the long road to love?


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December 9, 2019