Hidden Hearts Series 4-6

Hidden Hearts Collection, Book 2

Hidden Hearts Series 4-6

Love continues to grow among patrons of Ink’d Deep —

Love is More Than Skin Deep (Hidden Hearts # 4)

It was only supposed to be a simple celebratory tattoo for Shelby. How did it become a life-changing event?

Mark and his daughter have been on their own for years. His life is complicated beyond belief. Yet, when he sees Shelby collapse in the middle of the tattoo shop, he can’t resist a damsel in distress. Little did he know one random act of kindness would change his whole life.

Tough (Hidden Hearts #5)

Savannah hasn’t seen her sister for years, but when Shelby’s life is threatened, she’s learned the hard way that family means everything. Even so, there are some things about her past she is not willing to share.

After Savannah steps in to save one of his employees from an aggressive customer, coffee shop owner Casey is intrigued by his new neighbor. The pain in her eyes is haunting and reminds Casey of his own troubled past. Can Savannah leave the past behind and find the strength to fall in love?

Rectify (Hidden Hearts #6)

Regret is a powerful thing. If you can’t move past your mistakes, it’s hard to make progress. An anonymous phone call about vinyl siding is about to change Tayanita’s life in ways she never expected.

However, it seems Tayanita isn’t the only one with secrets and regrets.

Can John and Tayanita see each other for who they really are and discover love?


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December 9, 2019