I’ve gotten comments on my writing that maybe it’s a little unrealistic or too much like a fairy tale. I don’t dispute that (much). I am a fiction writer. I don’t claim to write nitty-gritty documentaries. I also will freely fess up to my bias: I like happy endings.


I am extremely lucky that my life reads sort of like a romance novel. I met my husband at Camp Easter Seals in 1987, where he was running the equestrian program. He told me the day we met that he was going to marry me and be father to our children. Given the fact that he was wearing green polyester pants and a white snap-up cowboy shirt and hadn’t shaved in while, I was less than impressed. I laughed at him. Well, we recently celebrated our 27th anniversary. I had a wonderfully talented artist, Scott Southworth, put our life story to music as a surprise on our 25th Wedding Anniversary and I put together this presentation to accompany it.


Leonard, thanks for being my reality check, voice of reason, day-dreamer and fairytale ending all rolled into one. I love you.