Now, there are thirteen. I have to catch my breath when I say that. I have written and published ten full-length novels and contributed works to three other collections. That’s a little mind blowing, but something I’m so proud of. I am particularly honored to be part of this project.

People often ask me where I get the inspiration for my books and I typically have to shrug and vaguely answer from my imagination and the world around me. Love is More Than Skin Deep is a very different story. One day, I was writing — more precisely, I was avoiding writing — by poking around Facebook and I saw a post by Judy Noble Cloud. In this post, Judy was profoundly honest about the effects of skin cancer. My first reaction was that more people need to know this side of the effects of tanning and the cost of what we do to ourselves as women.

I wrote Judy a private message, knowing full well that she probably would think I was a little nuts when I offered to turn her story into a fictional love story. Much to my surprise, she agreed and Love is More Than Skin Deep is the result. Judy and I had great fun choosing character names, occupations and the cover together.

Judy Noble Cloud chose the charity, the Skin Cancer Foundation to be the recipient of my 15% donation of net profits from the sale of Love is More Than Skin Deep. Let’s show the world that independent authors can make a difference.

Love is More Than Skin Deep is currently available in paperback and will be available in Kindle format on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 (it’s official release day)

I will be giving “Win it before you can buy it!” copies of the e-book away throughout this holiday weekend. Stay tuned to my Facebook fan page for details.