Tempting Fate

Hidden Beauty, Book 10

Tempting Fate

What if what makes you special is gone?

For as long as she can remember, Mindy Whitaker has always been able to see the future. Then, suddenly, she can’t.

With her gift on the blink, she’d give anything to be special again. After her psychic gift failed epically, Mindy isn’t sure if she should trust her ability again. Her doubts are confirmed when she can’t stop yet another tragedy.

Elijah Fischer rose to the top of the bestseller lists with his first novel — but he can’t seem to find the same magic again. He wants to take his writing career in a whole new direction, but a frantic call from his home town threatens to derail his dreams.

Elijah never expected to find one of the few people, now all grown-up and beautiful, from his past who took the time to listen to him despite his Tourette’s syndrome.

When her special gift suddenly returns, Mindy knows Elijah and his family are in danger, but her answers may not be enough his family or their love.

Mindy’s gift failed her before. What if her vision is flat out wrong? Can Elijah convince Mindy that love is reason enough?

If you love unusual characters and family drama, You’ll love this sweet romance about first love with a touch of mystery.

Tempting Fate is the tenth novel in the Hidden Beauty Series. It may be read as a standalone novel.


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April 25, 2018