Soul Scars

Hidden Hearts — Protection Unit, Book 3

Soul Scars


The past can be so painful it leaves scars on your soul. Software programmer Toby Payne has tried hard to shed his identity as a child kidnapping victim, but now his extraordinary computer skills are needed to rescue missing teens.

Detective Pauline Lawrence likes to go all in. Her leap-before-you-look style has given her a bad reputation. Can she make up for her past mistakes with the help of a dashingly handsome, but shy computer programmer?

Pauline affects Toby in ways he never expected. Yet, he’s not sure he can set aside his fears when the talented young detective volunteers for a high-risk hostage rescue mission. Toby and Pauline must decide if love is stronger than fear and if they can thrive despite their pasts.

If you love suspenseful romances with strong women and nerdy guys with heart, Soul Scars, the third book in the Hidden Hearts – Protection Unit series, may be just what you’re looking for.


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July 27, 2019