Out of Thin Air

Hidden Hearts — Protection Unit, Book 2

Out of Thin Air

A search for a missing person could destroy them all.

Cold Case Squadron leader Detective Dylan Palmer has a passion for finding missing people. As a favor to his mother, he takes on a previously unsolved case. No pressure there! This job isn’t good news for his ulcer.

Personal chef, Lauren Drysdale’s big sister has been missing for twenty-three years. In all that time her mother has never forgiven her for not being April. Her mother’s cruelness has led to debilitating panic attacks.

Now, a hotshot detective wants to come into her life and stir up all sorts of old hurts in an effort to find April. Uncertain that she, her mother, and their brittle relationship can handle further disappointment, she finds herself wishing the detective could stick around.

Dylan had no idea what he might find during this case, but he certainly didn’t expect to discover the love of a lifetime. The timing is about as terrible as it gets, but sometimes love appears out of thin air.

If you enjoy a clean and wholesome mystery combined with family drama, you’ll love Out of Thin Air, the second book in the Hidden Hearts — Protection Unit series.


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March 14, 2019