If You Knew Me

Hidden Beauty Novella, Book 1

If You Knew Me

The power of friendship can change your destiny.

Everyone told Elijah Fischer high school would be different. Kids have bullied him because of his Tourette’s syndrome for as long as he can remember. When someone tries to stuff him into a locker, it’s clear things are the same as they’ve always been.

The only thing different about today is that the new girl at school got to see it happen. Could his luck get any worse? So much for making a good impression.

Sadie Anderson was hoping to make new friends at her new school. This guy definitely looked like he needed a friend. If he really knew her, would he feel the same?

When Sadie is offered a chance to submit a portfolio to the college of her dreams, Elijah and Sadie become partners to create a novel as a class project. Little did they know how words could change their destiny.

If you love stories about best friends overcoming the odds, this novella may be right up your alley.

Authors note: This novella can be read as a standalone but will make more sense if it’s read after Love Claimed but before Jude’s Song.


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September 15, 2018