Identity of the Heart

Hidden Hearts, Book 1

Identity of the Heart

Coincidence or something darker?

College student Ivy Montclair’s dating service adventure goes terribly wrong. After being confronted about dates she’s never experienced, she hires an identity theft expert whose investigation leads to a mystery and a hunky tattoo shop owner.

When Marcus Brolin meets his apprentice’s lookalike, he wonders if Ivy will see through his “bad boy” tattoo artist image.

Despite her tough exterior, Rogue Betencourt intrigues software mogul Tristan Macklin. His company, Identity Bank, is a raging success, but Rogue catches his interest because she seems to see more in him than dollar signs.

Rogue has no use for a rich man with big-time goals. She cherishes her independence. Yet there’s something about Tristan that tells her he has integrity and heart as well as brains.

Together, the four of them set out to discover the truth. As the mystery unravels, both couples join forces and search for the true identities of their hearts.

Identity of the Heart is the first standalone novel in the Hidden Hearts contemporary romance series. If you like wholesome stories, deeply drawn characters, and delightful twists and turns, then you’ll appreciate Mary Crawford’s engaging tale.


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May 1, 2018