Hidden Beauty Series 10 – 12

Hidden Beauty Collection, Book 4

Hidden Beauty Series 10 – 12

The legacy of love expands to a new generation…

Tempting Fate (Hidden Beauty Series #10)

Having survived a horrible childhood, Mindy Whitaker is grateful for her gift of premonition, which allows her to prevent tragedies in other people’s lives.

When things get critical, her gift goes on the blink. Can she find a way to help the guy she’s had a crush on since she was a teenager before it’s too late?

The Letter (Hidden Beauty Series #11)

Paramedic Rocco Pierce is no stranger to life-and-death situations. But even he doesn’t know how to deal with being told a wife he never had and doesn’t know has received a potentially fatal diagnosis.

Mallory Yoshida is a busy journalist trying to save the world from injustice. She doesn’t have time to deal with rabid fans. Mallory tries to deflect Rocco’s persistent messages. When she finally relents, she receives the worst news of her life.

Rocco seems like the man of her dreams, even though her life is in complete chaos. How do you love when you’re not even sure you’re going to live?

The Power of Will (Hidden Beauty Series #12)

Mariam Fischer hates the F word with a passion. It levels her at the most unexpected times even though she is a smart, compassionate, strong woman.

Oh… not that F word. Fibromyalgia is Mariam’s enemy.

After a chance meeting, billionaire inventor Will Kordes has made it his mission to slay all of Mariam’s dragons.
Is pain the one thing Will can’t fix?


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December 8, 2019

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