Cover Design by Ada Frost

Cover Design by Ada Frost

Ugly things are happening in the world of publishing right now. Even so, for every nasty, underhanded disgusting thing that comes to light, hundreds of beautiful acts of kindness are emerging. Artists from every field are coming together to take a stand against unethical practices whether they come in the form of publishers that promise much and deliver little, readers who blatantly pirate copywritten work, models who bully and belittle others or email scams which hurt us all. We are trying to make the best, most powerful books possible to make your experience as a fan the best it can possibly be.
I take my responsibilities as an author seriously and I donate 15% of the profits of each book to a charity related to the storyline in each novel. (all of my books are available on Kindle Unlimited and can be read as a stand alone novels. Any money raised through borrow fees will be added to the sales total and 15% the profits will given to charity.)
Until the Stars Fall from the Sky = the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption

So the Heart Can Dance = RAINN

Joy and Tiers = The Wounded Warrior Project

Love Naturally = the Limbs for Life Foundation

Love Seasoned = the American Lung Association

Identity of the Heart = Habitat for Humanity

Sheltered Hearts= Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States

Mother’s Day Magic= National Multiple Sclerosis Society