Paths Not Taken

A Hidden Beauty Novel, Book 8

Paths Not Taken

Jordan Shepherd needs a do-over for her whole life.

Jordan has always marched to the beat of a different drummer. Until now, she’s made no apologies for her choices.

That may have to change.

She walked off her job as an executive assistant to a famous clothing designer and left a customer in the waiting room.

Even worse, she has to go home and face her brother. The last time she visited her family, she was quite simply a jerk.

Now, she wants to make amends and find a new path.

Cristiano Romero needs a new suit. His boss tells him his job may hang in the balance over his fashion choices. Today, he found a woman with incredible strength and character. Her ex-boss claims she’s the perfect designer for him. Unfortunately, Cristiano watched her walk right out of his life.

Can Cristiano find Jordan and convince Jordan to be by his side as they both conquer new paths?

You’ll cheer for this couple as they overcome the demons of their past to build a future together.

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