Joy and Tiers

A Hidden Beauty Novel, Book 3

Joy and Tiers

How can one gigantic, handsome man be so annoying?

Is he this way with everyone or does Heather get special treatment?

Tyler Colton is always in Heather LaBianca’s personal space. He is the definition of overwhelming. He even calls her Gidget.

There are a few things Heather understands about herself. She is not small, diminutive and cute. Much to her family’s dismay, she has never been.

Yet, Tyler has a way of making Heather feel as if she is the most beautiful creature on the planet.

When Tyler is by her side during some of the most difficult times of her life, she decides he may not be so annoying after all.

What happens when Heather discovers heroes come in all shapes and sizes?

You’ll laugh out loud when you read this humorous contemporary romance novel about unlikely friends who become much more.

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