Hearts of Jade

Hidden Hearts, Book 3

Hearts of Jade

Suicide always has more than one victim.

Jade’s brother killed himself, leaving a brief note behind.

Onyx left behind much more.

Jade feels lost. It’s as if she has a hole in her heart.

Should Jade pursue the dreams she shared with her brother, or stay loyal to her roots as a tattoo artist?

There is no good choice.

When Jade turns to a trusted friend, Declan, for advice, he is less than enthusiastic about her plans.

Declan has been down that road before. He left his family’s automotive empire to strike out on his own as a street musician.

How does he save his friend from making the same mistakes? The cost is simply too high.

Declan could not know Jade would be his salvation.

Can Declan return the favor and help Jade’s heart become whole?

You’ll love this deeply moving contemporary romance about healing and second chances.