Tyler Colton is exactly the irritating, overbearing take charge, livin’ large kind of guy that Heather LaBianca has been dodging her whole life. So, why exactly does her heart beat faster every time Officer Colton enters the room?

Tyler wasn’t exactly looking for happily ever after when his best friend got married and started hanging out with a new group of friends. Sure, the curvy spitfire blonde Italian who had as many jokes as a standup comedian intrigued him, but exasperatingly his natural charms seem largely ineffective for this fiercely independent woman.

When personal tragedy strikes in Heather’s life, Tyler gets a chance to be Heather’s real life knight-in shining-armor. Yet even as he’s helping her dreams come true, Tyler realizes that this puzzling enigma of a woman is quietly helping him exorcise the nightmares of a mission that went horribly wrong. Will he be brave enough to accept her love so that they can move forward together through Joy and Tiers?

Joy and Tiers
is the third book of
the Hidden Beauty Series. 15% of net profits go to The Wounded Warrior Project.
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