Sadie Anderson is used to being considered different and a little strange. Having the soul of an artist in her straight-laced, logical family is enough of a challenge, but being deaf isn’t making things easier.

Facing the challenge of a new high school with no friends, Sadie wonders if this will be the one place she’ll be free to be her true self. Maybe she should just focus on her art and ignore everything else.

Elijah Fischer has gone to the same school with the same friends since preschool. He dreads getting up every day because pretty much everyone on the planet hates his guts. It’s not news to him that he’s different, Tourette’s syndrome is rather obvious that way. When cuss words fly of your mouth without warning, it’s difficult to make friends.

Why can the new girl in class see him when everyone else looks away? What would she think if she really knew him?

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If You Knew Me (and other silent musings)
is the first novella in
the Hidden Beauty Series. 15% of net profits go to Love is Louder.