As a former motocross competitor and X Games television commentator, Cristiano Romero knows a little bit about competition and drama, but he hadn’t ever seen anything like he did the day he went to buy a suit for a charity event. Although he encountered Jordan on what might’ve been the worst day of her life, he was impressed by her ability to hold it together under fire.

When Jordan Shepherd was hired by an up-and-coming designer in New York, she thought she was going to have a chance to make her mark as a fashion designer. An afternoon from hell made her dreams vanish and humiliated her in front of the most attractive man she’d seen in forever. To save her sanity, Jordan walked away from her career and returned home to face the music. Jordan is tired of everyone else deciding what her version of happily ever after should look like. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a good track record of finding happy endings either.

With the future of his show on the line, Cristiano chooses the path not taken and gambles on Jordan Shepherd He didn’t count on Jordan sewing up a lot more than just his suit.

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Paths Not Taken
is the eighth book of
the Hidden Beauty Series.